Head to toe checkers, bold digital prints, and holographic accessories are oh-so hot right now; they are also some of the boldest statements you can wear. The fact that these prints and textures are daring on their own also means that they can easily become costume-y. On the runway or in the fashion magazines, these pieces look simply chic and effortless, but the reality is that styling these items tends to be a complicated process. Just one wrong accessory or an improper color addition can throw the whole outfit from fashion forward to over-done.

I have had several people ask me how to style these trends in a collected cool way like they do in the magazines. So I did a little research, and the main tip you have to keep in mind when trying to wear checkers, digital prints, and holographic pieces, is minimalism! Since those pieces can already do all the talking, the finishing accessories should be fairly minimal and limited.


fashion forecast

The theme I strove for here was an overall feel of cubism. From the Black Dot Collar tips to the block heeled shoes and the Caine Ring, the idea of overlapping shapes was constant. One thing you really have to consider when layering shapes over bold shapes is proportion. You never want to take a bold print, like in the dress, and layer with it another bold print or shape. Thus I stayed away from getting too square with the accessories and instead tried to be fairly understated.

fashion forecast

When it comes to wearing digital prints the best trick is to keep everything in the same color realm. For example, here I stayed with a purple/yellow/black combo. Throwing in a color such as a dusty rose or a forest green would make this outfit stand out in a bad way. Thus I chose the Carnivàle collar in a goldish-yellow and the Havana Ring in the same gold/yellow combination. Keeping it to one color palette pulls this ensemble together in a  smooth, effortless way.


trend forcast

Finally, the holographic or foiled accessories. Thankfully these are easier to style than the others. The main trick is making this look modern and futuristic, instead of looking like the tin man. Staying away from antiquated versions of hologram, like foiled sunglasses, hair pieces, and bangles helps you stay out of the 80′s! I also strategically used the nearly organic shaped Shots Ring set to smooth out the rigidity of the structured lines skirt and the Three Point Plan Pendant.

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