Nothing says fashion like…Pantone? This company (best known for its artistry products) makes one of the most influential decisions for the fashion industry each year. What exactly is that decision? The color of the year of course! For the past 50 years Pantone’s panel of expert stylists have been the authority in what color will trend all across the world for the entire year! This seemingly insignificant choice is actually so powerful that it will decide everything from what color gown a celebrity wears to the awards ceremony to what pallet designers will be creating in! So what is the ultra important color for 2013? Emerald! To quote Pantone, “Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty  that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”  Sounds like a great color right? In my opinion it really is. Emerald green is one of those colors that looks fantastic on almost any skin tone and hair color! Sure it looks great with skin tones and hair, but what about clothing colors and patterns for styling? Thankfully Pantone comes to the rescue again with a list of colors that are perfect complements to this sophisticated color choice!  On Pantone.com’s front page are inspiring design sketches and helpful complimentary color blurbs!

Pantone's fashion color report 2013

Pantone’s fashion color report 2013

Now that Pantone has broken it down a little bit for us, the only hard part left is deciding how to work emerald into your wardrobe. Since we already have a great chart for colors, picking a cohesive outfit is easy. For simplicity’s sake, I think I’ll explain two main areas where people struggle with the color emerald: evening wear and work wear.

Evening wear is one of the easiest times to incorporate emerald green. However, one thing that most people don’t think of right away, when it comes to the color of the year in evening wear, is that your outfit doesn’t have to be an all over color. Unless you are walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes, head to toe emerald is never the right choice. Try breaking up your colors into a pattern so that it’s not overwhelmingly obvious that you are dressing for the color of the year! For example, try a dress in a listed complement color, such as Pantone’s linen, with touches of cream and grey jade. Then work in emerald as a focus color in well placed pops of jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Here I tried to create an evening look perfect for a Pantone inspired spring. For this evening outfit I used emerald as a focus color around the face in a romantic emerald floral inspired necklace and some stunning chandelier style drop earrings.

Pantone's spring 2013
 Now work wear is a little bit harder. Since it is unlikely that you want to show up to work in crazy colored shoes and gobs of jewelry, you have to be a little bit more reserved with your emerald usage. I realize that for a lot of jobs, wearing a bright color like emerald is out of the question; however, let’s suppose that you work in a more lenient environment where dressing tastefully is the main guide line. I tried to keep things toned down a little by mainly sticking to a set color pallet and classic shapes with small fun features of color in a texture gold bangle and an artsy ring that combines all outfit colors.
Pantone's spring 2013

Next time you don’t know what to wear, there is no place to go like Pantone! With their helpful tips in color combining and stylishly inspiring outfit sketches, you will always be sure to look pulled together and perfectly dressed for any occasion!

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