Spikes, and studs, and skulls, and cross bones. What’s so new about that? To be honest, these things have been around for YEARS. However, from the start of 2012 and still on into 2013, gothic fashion is no longer a subculture or even an attitude so much as it is a fashion statement. Be it the sudden worldwide obsession with vampires or just the progression of the previous subculture style into a modern day fashion statement, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that it’s a definite style sensation sweeping the nations. Left and right, designers are putting out dramatically draped  ensembles in black with rich wine red–now referred to as oxblood–with subtle touches of gold and clusters of layered jewelry. However, it goes so far beyond the boundaries of black and red or skulls and spikes. One thing I enjoy about this particular trend is the fact that designers continue to cross the line of what once was classified as “goth”. In the neo goth movement, black is no longer exclusively used; colors such as emerald green, rich purple, dusty pink, many shades of red, and even white are common.

How exactly does one style a neo goth outfit? First of all, no outfit is complete without complimentary accessories. So, I will focus on the styling involved in a neo goth ensemble and how to apply Merrin&Gussy jewelry to complete!

Thankfully this is a trend that can easily translate from timid to tough in just a few steps! So, I’ll start with those of  us who want to participate but aren’t really sure about going all out goth. I’m the sort who would want to test out all kinds of trends without losing my personal style. So, if I were styling this for myself to wear, I’d choose a velvet bodycon dress in oxblood, paired with sheer black tights, wedge boots in a jewel tone, a chunky bracelet, and a creative pendant.

For the more experimental dressers, I’d suggest a grey dolman sweater cinched at the waist with a belt in dusty rose, black skinny pants, a floral pair of Doc Martens, some cross earrings, and a heavy necklace in pewter.

Finally, for the most adventurous people who are all about the neo goth movement. Pair an oversized gold sweater, baroque patterned leggings in red, black, and gold, creepers in black, bone inspired  earrings, and a contrasting faux collar in white!

And there you have it! Easy outfits perfectly complete with accessories in a neo goth fashion! :)


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