Leather, studs, buckles, Oh my! These are just a few of the fashion industry’s favorite extreme details this season. It’s nearly impossible to stroll into any store and not see one or all three of these details on dresses, shoes, purses, menswear, etc. However ubiquitous this hardcore obsession may be, you are more than likely to find all of these details combined to make some of the coolest wardrobe accents of this season — the ever-so chic leather bracelet. Leather bracelets hit the pinnacle of popularity in the 1980′s when the punk rock scene was beginning to impact the fashion sphere. This particular trend still thrives with major popularity in the 21st century as a unisex statement piece perfect for layering with other “handmade” style bracelets. The curious thing about the progression of the leather bracelet is how it has been transformed from a must have for every hard rocker to a classic piece of men’s jewelry and even a bohemian touch to any feminine outfit. As I said previously, this trend is far from gender specific. This is one of the few jewelry items that usually can transition from men and women seamlessly.

Colorfully corded or earthy multi strands, these bracelets come in every shape, size, color, and design that could be needed for any outfit. I think the most fun part of this trend is that it can be an unexpected touch to an outfit. There is always room for creativity and personality with leather wrap bracelets. Since the main motto for this season is “More is MORE”, that approach is definitely applied when styling with buckle and wrap bracelets.

Whether it’s worn with leather leggings and an over-sized sweater or combined in a play of drastic contrast to a luxe outfit, it’s not uncommon to see a woman donning a lovely leather bracelet paired with two or more metal bracelets or a watch on one wrist. The key to layering up with buckles and baubles and not looking like you are a 12 year-old headed to summer camp is to stay in one metal range and layer expensive looking pieces with more casual accents. For example, for a classy outfit, try styling like this: (1)  (2)  (3)What about for the guys? The idea is similar, yet far less fussy. For men the most common leather pieces are colored or distressed leathers (or faux) with large buckles, studding, and many connected strands. Since the men’s bracelets are generally “pre-layered”, there’s not too much styling left to do, other than to choose the color or thickness for your outfit. A thinner belt like bracelet is most commonly paired with a dressier outfit and possibly a watch or a sturdy metal bracelet on the opposite wrist.

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with Merrin&Gussy buckle leather bracelets for both casual and classy!(1) (2)

(1) (2)


So Male or Female, for this hot trend you better get buckled up!




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