This week’s products spot light is on…chain mail? No, not that kind; I’m talking about a very different kind of chainmail. I’m thinking about the kind that has evolved from protecting warriors to decorating fashionable men and women all around the world. However, chain jewelry is no fresh news. Quite like chain letters, it’s been spread around the block a few times. In the 1970′s chainmail wove it’s way into the hearts of the deeply empowered women, and thus found itself in high demand with the fashion industry. Soon enough, throats, wrists, ankles, heads, ears, everything was quickly wrapped up with robust interlocking chains…in a good way, of course! ;) By the late 80′s, the fashion industry’s entanglement with chains unraveled. But, what goes around comes around, right? Here we are in the midst of fall/winter 2012 and we’re back in love with this vintage adornment. Be it “armor” body pieces, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, it’s practically everywhere once again! So, go ahead, pass on the news!

But, wait? How exactly do you style this particular trend? Just layer it up! The best part of chain jewelry is the more, the better. And it couldn’t have made its big return at a more perfect time. Fall/winter is the time you want to layer up and sparkle. For example, before you head out to your holiday party, try pairing a lovely drop chain necklace and a pair of long chain earrings in a different metal with your favorite glitter foiled party dress.

How about a casual way? Easy! Pair your favorite denim button up, leather jacket, and cozy pants with a circular multi colored chain necklace! Or, if you are really courageous and bold, tie your hair up in a ballet bun and wrap that same multi colored necklace around the bun!


But what if you are a guy and still want to join in on the chain games? we have just the things for you! How about the chivalry is dead ring?


If that isn’t your thing, try out the awesome Defence ring combining the same chain idea, but in whole new modern way!


Either ring can be paired with literally everything from a suit and tie to jeans and a t-shirt!

Overall, this is a chainmail trend you’ll really want to share! So be sure to tell your friends to arm themselves with this entangling trend!

That’s all folks!


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  1. Paul

    Fantastic post Mary! Great and interesting connections…insightful…

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