Since I attend events and runway shows quite often, I’m constantly thinking through what I should wear. Whenever I get ready for an event or help someone else prepare for one, I always return to this quote by Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” That being said, I am naturally the sort of person that prefers to show up over-done instead of under-dressed. But when it comes to jewelry and accessories, I’ve found the opposite to be true, especially if you are attending a cocktail or evening event! The more minimal your accessories and the more refined your jewelry, the better — especially if you put a lot of effort into your outfit.

If you look at photos of celebrities or other attendees at large runway shows and events, you are likely to find that, more often than not, they let their outfits do the talking and the accessories…well, the accessorizing. While looking through such pictures, you might also notice that when they do accessorize  — especially in the jewelry realm — they have a lovely combination of fine and costume pieces. This definitely doesn’t only apply to the rich and famous; I’ve noticed that it’s one of the most common ways for the majority of attendees to accessorize. I’ve even adopted it myself!

So, whether you go all out on your outfit or stay fairly reserved when you go out, my number one suggestion is keep the accessories classic and minimal!


evening or event

Since this dress has a vibrant and expansive color palette, the easiest way to keep it looking clean and cohesive is to make sure every accessory is in a color pulled from the dress instead of bringing in outsider colors. I also chose to keep most of the accessories in the blue realm so that no item would feel like it was a lone pop of color and detract from the dress. Featuring The Shots Ring Set and the Kiss Me Twice Earrings.


evening or event

This is the perfect example of how to combine fine jewelry with costume to create outfit continuity. This is also great for those of you who love to have a classic silhouette with touches of personal style. Featuring the Intasa Liberty Ring (My favorite), The Cain Ring, and the Life on the Edge Necklace.


evening or event

This outfit is a great example of how to make sure your outfit is the one that is talking! Here you will find that each accessory mimics another! The gold and white Sicilia Necklace matches the chains on the boot and purse, while the black Adria Bangle mirrors black boots and black purse!



Here at www.merrinandgussy.com we LOVE working with bloggers. Its amazing to see how the product that we design and love gets styled by people all over the world. For the first edition of our blogger spotlight we are showcasing Jennifer Wang from http://artinourblood.blogspot.com.au/ We personally love her style so we went about asking  her a few simple questions.


Q:  How would you describe your style in a sentence?
A: I would describe my style as edgy, romantic, and character-inspired!
Q: What do you look for when it comes to jewellery and accessories?
A: I like jewelry and accessories that look like they came straight from a storybook; I love anything that has a whimsical or artifact-looking appearance.
Q: Whats your 3 MUST have items at the moment?
 A: I have my eye on a white leather harness accessory, a pair of white ankle-strap pumps, and a scarab necklace!
Q: How did you start blogging?
A: I started blogging at the beginning of my junior year, and I had asked for a 50 mm lens for my 16th birthday :) After I got the lens, my sister would help me take my photos, or I would use my tripod to take them, when I  came home from school!

Be sure to visit her awesome blog where you can see more of Jennifer’s AMAZING style! http://artinourblood.blogspot.com.au/

Here are some of Jennifer’s picks.



1: The Deer Hunter Pendant 
2: Pretty Pictures Pendant
3: The Cathedral Bangle
4: The Helping Hands Collar Tips
5: The Claw Bangle




Head to toe checkers, bold digital prints, and holographic accessories are oh-so hot right now; they are also some of the boldest statements you can wear. The fact that these prints and textures are daring on their own also means that they can easily become costume-y. On the runway or in the fashion magazines, these pieces look simply chic and effortless, but the reality is that styling these items tends to be a complicated process. Just one wrong accessory or an improper color addition can throw the whole outfit from fashion forward to over-done.

I have had several people ask me how to style these trends in a collected cool way like they do in the magazines. So I did a little research, and the main tip you have to keep in mind when trying to wear checkers, digital prints, and holographic pieces, is minimalism! Since those pieces can already do all the talking, the finishing accessories should be fairly minimal and limited.


fashion forecast

The theme I strove for here was an overall feel of cubism. From the Black Dot Collar tips to the block heeled shoes and the Caine Ring, the idea of overlapping shapes was constant. One thing you really have to consider when layering shapes over bold shapes is proportion. You never want to take a bold print, like in the dress, and layer with it another bold print or shape. Thus I stayed away from getting too square with the accessories and instead tried to be fairly understated.

fashion forecast

When it comes to wearing digital prints the best trick is to keep everything in the same color realm. For example, here I stayed with a purple/yellow/black combo. Throwing in a color such as a dusty rose or a forest green would make this outfit stand out in a bad way. Thus I chose the Carnivàle collar in a goldish-yellow and the Havana Ring in the same gold/yellow combination. Keeping it to one color palette pulls this ensemble together in a  smooth, effortless way.


trend forcast

Finally, the holographic or foiled accessories. Thankfully these are easier to style than the others. The main trick is making this look modern and futuristic, instead of looking like the tin man. Staying away from antiquated versions of hologram, like foiled sunglasses, hair pieces, and bangles helps you stay out of the 80′s! I also strategically used the nearly organic shaped Shots Ring set to smooth out the rigidity of the structured lines skirt and the Three Point Plan Pendant.

We all know it’s so much more fun to look in the closet and find lots of choices when it comes to building an outfit. However, is a large range in variation of choices really better than a select few versatile pieces that you can’t live without? Its hard to say, but recently I have found myself sticking closely with my trusty few favorites and learning new ways to combine them creatively for “something new”. When it comes to styling and working on set at a photoshoot, having a vast variation of outfit pieces and accessories can quickly complicate the matter and make you less confident in your final decision; I think that applies as well to everyday dressing.

I recently had the opportunity to work on a photoshoot where outfit accents and jewelry pieces were extremely important to creating a cohesive look. This particular shoot showed me that the trusty versatile pieces were the ones that I chose before anything else because I knew, from my own experience, that these pieces would complete and not detract. Since then, I’ve decided that while it’s always fun to have lots of variation, having jewelry that goes with everything and always contributes to the outfit is the best way to go.

So, today I thought I’d share with you the pieces that I chose of Merrin&Gussy that are, in my opinion, the most versatile. :)

From office to evening, the Merrin&Gussy roaring 20′s necklace and the Milan Bracelet are my favorite style statement combo.




from office to evening

from office to evening by mary-mirsky

from office to evening

from office to evening by mary-mirsky

From days off to date nights, I love the combination of warmth in from the Merrin&Gussy Smoke In your eyes necklace and edginess from the westwood bracelets!

day off to date night

day off to date night by mary-mirsky

day off to date night

Style is not always black and white. While this particular color duo may always be fashion’s favorite, it’s no secret that for 2013 designers are pretty partial to rich reds, electric blues, and dusty pink — amongst many other hues making their way to the fashion forefront. Designers are going out of their way to out-do everyone else’s color palettes and pattern choices this season. The only issue with these daring designs is when and how to wear them without looking misplaced and a little bit ridiculous. The best place to find yourself standing out in the crowds of black and white garments is in evening and event-wear. While a little black dress is always a number one wardrobe staple, there are certain occasions that call for something a little more extravagant. And when those occasions come, you want to be well prepared to stand out in the right way. The best things to do when wearing a bright or unusual color are to determine your personal style and to go fairly light on accessories. While wearing an out of the box color might seem uncomfortable, as long as you are well established in your personal style and add it in small doses, you should come out looking simply perfect.

For this particular post I decided to choose some “personal styles” that seem to be fairly prominent and added in touches of some of this seasons hottest colors to demonstrate how easy it is to change things up from the little black dress for evening.

Dusty Pink for the romantic vintage taste featuring the Merrin&Gussy Endless Love Pendant and the Roman Vacation ring

evening for everyone



The Modern Grunge — eclectic meets 90′s — featuring the Merrin&Gussy Sicilia Necklace and the Perfect lines ring

evening for everyone




Classic With A Twist featuring the very popular Merrin&Gussy Canal Ring and the Kiss Me Twice Earrings

evening for everyone

The days of the downtown denim rock chick are long gone. All around us designers are taking denim to a whole new level and are thrusting it far away from the typical functionality of work wear. What began as a simple examination of “femininity” has exploded into the renaissance of denim. The rebirth of denim has been taking place over the past few years; inspiring designers to create new shapes, silhouettes, and patterns to boost denim from the 1980′s into 2000′s and beyond! From A-line skirts to Bra-tops and even elegant dresses, designers are testing everything that you thought you knew about denim. But, how exactly is denim, especially in dress and skirt from, modern chic and not…Little House On The Prairie? It’s all in the fit and styling! Learning how to rethink denim is just as easy as slipping into your favorite pair of jeans. So sit back, relax, and welcome the new age in denim! I’m going to explore ways to take denim from day time, to work time, and even evening! I hope you enjoy!



Denim Daze
Featuring the merrin&Gussy Gunbelt necklace and the Canal Ring
Denim Daze

Featuring The merrin&Gussy Black Dot collar tips and the Empress ring


Denim Daze

Featuring the Merrin&Gussy Harmony Bangle and the new age earrings

We all see it, and we all want it — that “effortlessly amazing”  vibe that fashion bloggers seem to possess. It looks so easy, yet trying it yourself is never all that simple. Achieving and recreating “effortless chic” is not only a challenge but also often pricey. So, what is the secret? How do they do it on such a small budget? Well, contrary to common belief, personal-style blogs often showcase both unknown labels and high-end designers. Fashion Bloggers are finding many ways to prove that it is not really what or who you wear that counts, but how you wear it. Knowing the right stores that carry the right products and just how to mesh them together makes all the difference! Here are a few budget and blogger appropriate outfits sure to flatter every price point.


blogger appropriate
                                    featuring the Silica Necklace and the Perfect lines ring


blogger appropriate

Featuring the Merrin&Gussy Gun Belt necklace and the Royal Helm Ring

coffee stained perfection
Featuring the Merrin&Gussy The Very En-deer-ing ring and The Cameo Necklace

Hello everyone! I’m excited to announce the opening of the Merrin&Gussy Coloured Smash Bangle give-away!

Follow these simple steps on the RaffleCopter Give-away form right here at the bottom of this post or on the FieldOfFoxes blog. :)

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The recent Moschino release of their Fall 2013 collection has made both good and bad waves in the fashion community. Many bemoan the usage of tartan plaid juxtaposed with an almost Japanese take on school-wear, while others send accolades with the clever and unexpected take on Irish menswear-meets-womenswear. Mixed messages definitely made their way down the runway. Whatever your take may be on this particular collection, one thing everyone agrees on is that this was a very traditional take on fashion that is so far from the average Moschino vibe. Personally, I was a big fan of this collection. While I may not be overly enthusiastic about the garish gold embroidered “M” logo stamped into every outfit, I was a big fan of the traditional cuts, the bowties, the idea of the suit re-imagined for women, and the return of the modern dandy! Even though this collection was labeled “ready-to-wear”, it’s more than clear that a head-to-toe tartan plaid suit is not the ideal outfit for your day to day business! One thing that can most definitely be gained from this collection is Moschino’s take on cut and fit. Since I was fairly inspired by the tailoring of this collection, I thought I’d create my own take on “the modern Dandy” with fit especially in mind.


The modern Dandy

Featuring Merrin&gussy Collar Tips and The Hollywood Bracelet

The modern Dandy

featuring Merrin&Gussy Antoinette Ring and The Tea and Biscuits pendant

The modern Dandy

Featuring Merrin&Gussy New Age Earrings and The Black Cat Brooch.



Thanks to the likes of Scott Schuman, we’re all a little too familiar with ever-popular term “street style”. While street style may be a commonplace phrase these days, so many people don’t really understand the meaning behind it or why it even began. It wasn’t just a tag coined for anything that anyone happened to be wearing while out and about, as many people may suppose. The first purpose of “street style” and “street style photographers” was to capture and share the every-day people who really are affecting a change in the trends for each year. Over-used as it may be, the fact that this term was even created shows just how much normal people inspire the fashion industry. No, this isn’t just for the people who go out of their way to spend hours creating a cohesive outfit before they step out the door. This is for the people who get dressed with their preferences and daily needs in mind. Think about what that really means. That means that on a regular day, you may just be changing or inspiring fashion with what you are wearing. Your personal preferences, along with many other like-minded dressers may just be creating the new “thing” in fashion. I realize that changing the course of the fashion industry isn’t your highest priority on those early morning coming and goings, but, surprisingly enough, taking a few extra minutes to change out of your pajamas before leaving the house can effectively encourage your mood, self esteem, respectability, and so much more.  Since day to day wear can be so influential, not only in the fashion industry but also on the way you look at your day, I thought I’d create a list of some street worthy outfits that can be created out of your basics — with a little added flair, of course –. Hopefully, this will inspire you to give yourself an added ten or fifteen minutes in the morning to get ready. :)

To start, what are these “basics” that I am expecting you to already have in your wardrobe? A jumper, your favorite jacket, and an every-day kind of skirt are the three things your wardrobe really does lean on. These may seem pretty ordinary, but like I said, with added flair, these are the things that are changing fashion.


Pumped up with gorgeous ceramic and gold minimal bracelet and necklace.

spring 2013 street

Inspired by nature additions: Amber necklace and deer head ring.

Street wear

Pops of color-blocking added in accessories: structured stretch bracelet and ultra modern ceramic black ring.

spring 2013